SharePoint Online

Get everyone on the same page

Microsoft SharePoint gives you and your staff the ability to collaborate in a centralized system designed to increase productivity and profitability. With SharePoint Online from Microsoft and Computer Technologies, your business gets access to the latest collaboration features as soon as they’re released.

Microsoft SharePoint Online allows you to easily create sites where you and your staff, customers and partners can share documents, collaborate, and communicate more effectively. The best part is, we’ll host and manage your SharePoint platform for you so your team doesn’t have to worry about the technical details.


Bring together the SharePoint technology you know and love with cloud services for a more collaborative, feature-rich experience among your colleagues, partners, and clients.

SharePoint MySites

Easily-created sites

Office collaboration

SharePoint Online comes with:

  • MySites - reliable collaboration tools let you manage and share documents and insights
  • Team Sites - effective communication tools keep everyone in sync with shared task lists, calendars, and document libraries
  • Intranet Sites - to keep everyone up to date on company news, events and updates
  • Extranet Sites - for secure document sharing
  • Professional websites - increase your marketing abilities with a simple, public-facing site
  • Online document features - capabilities for creating and saving office documents directly
  • Security - protect sensitive content with document-level permissions

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