Our Clients

"Our frustration with our internet connection has been eliminated!"

Computer Technologies

We really appreciate your promptness of service. When we have a problem someone is always available, if not immediately, within a half hour. I also want to thank you for finally getting us on a "real" internet connection and away from our local phone company internet service which we constantly had problems with. Our frustration with our internet connection has been eliminated!

Tammy Olter Office Manager Donald E. McGinnis Jr., J.D., P.C.

"I don't know how we could live without them!"

Computer Technologies

Not only does CTI provide us with prompt, attentive service, fix our problems quickly and accurately the first time, they have also helped bring us into the 21st century. The WAN they designed and implemented to connect 9 of our buildings has increased our staff's productivity by allowing them to get information they need more quickly. No more waiting for a fax, email or return phone call. We got faster internet, internet access for buildings that didn't have any and a savings on our internet services of over $5,000 a year. Our redesigned website that CTI helped us create has also changed our lives. It is user friendly and our residents love the ability to find necessary information in our on-line document repository. The Citizens Requests and Concerns program allows us to better respond and track the needs of our residents. I don't know how we could live without them!

Krystina Kramarz Assistant to the Mayor City of Dearborn Heights

"Extremely competent with IT systems and problem solving..."

Computer Technologies

What I like the most is that CTI responds promptly to service calls, is extremely competent with IT systems and problem solving and does all this with the least amount of cost. Recently they were able to restore my hard drive without losing any of the data. This was after calling the manufacture and being told there was nothing that could be done to save the data. This was a HUGH value-added service, as a large amount of client work would have been lost and would have taken me countless hours to redo. Not only did they save my data, they squeezed me in last minute to help me before catching a plane in 5 hours.

Sadia Kissoon VP, Senior Environmental Engineer Green Reviews