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Incident Response Services

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When faced with a security incident, a rapid response is crucial, every minute counts.

We have dedicated incident response team members that will quickly investigate to remediate the attack and regain control of your data.

60% of small businesses go out of business after a data breach*. If not addressed with the same level of expertise and sophistication
that the cyber criminals utilize to launch an attack, the business loss, including financial and loss of customer loyalty, can be irreversible.

Don't become a statistic.


Incident Response Process

Our unique approach gets you back to business faster.

Detection & Analysis

Validation of the attack and identification of the incident scope, including which networks, applications and systems are impacted and whether the ransomware continues to spread.


Isolation and containment of your compromised assets. This includes preservation of evidence for legal and insurances purposes and scanning the Dark Web for stolen credentials.

Eradication & Recovery

Removal of ransomware from impacted systems and remediation of the problem that the ransomware exploited in the first place, including user training and securing the network.


Review and document entire incident, provide root cause analysis, and agree on steps to prepare for and prevent a future attack.

Why Trust Computer Technologies, Inc. For Your Incident Response:

  • Thorough: Complete incident response from investigation to crisis management.
  • Tools: Backed by industry leading on premise and cloud based technologies.
  • Confidential: Upon request, our involvement with identifying and remediating your incident remains classified.
  • Expertise: The Incident Response team includes members of the Department of Homeland Security Electronics Crime Task Force and Infragard.

*Source: 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis
by Ponemon Institute

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