Keep your business compliant and well-organized

As electronic communications are more and more regulated, ensuring your critical business data is well-managed and secure is no longer an option. Email Archiving from Computer Technologies offers industry-leading solutions with a sophisticated management system for simple storage, retrieval and email monitoring at a price that won’t wreck your budget.

Whether you need Email Archiving for a year or a decade, Computer Technologies can provide you with a solution that's built around your specific compliance needs, including the management and retention of inbound, outbound and internal emails.

The benefits of Email Archiving from Computer Technologies include:

  • Powerful search and rapid retrieval features – retrieve emails fast, by searching across a specific date range, using wildcard characters identify specific words within subject lines or pull any or all emails from a specific domain
  • A compliance ready solution – that meets strict government compliance requirements for electronic document retention, accessibility, and security
  • Alternative data storage – get additional storage space with no additional costs
  • Message archiving – decrease the storage burden on your current mail server
  • Platform independence – preserve all of your archived data

Email Archiving from Computer Technologies is a scalable, reliable and secure solution that’s easy to implement and requires no setup fees, upfront hardware or software investments.

Start protecting your email right now.

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