Public Cloud

Pay-as-you-go IT for businesses like yours

The Public Cloud is available to everyone on the internet. Any Web-enabled device can connect to the internet to access the same software, applications and files online.

For example, with a Public Cloud solution from Computer Technologies, you and your staff are able to access the same music, pictures, videos, documents and data from their desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablet computers.

All your data is safely stored online, so you never have to worry about installing hardware or software on each individual device.

With your IT in the Public Cloud, you can:

  • Only pay for the IT resources you actually use
  • Adjust the amount of service you get based on your unique needs
  • Completely outsource the management of your IT services

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5 Critical Facts Every Business Owner Must Know Before Moving Their Computer Network To The Cloud

  • If you need to upgrade your current computer network and are considering cloud computing to save money and simplify IT, the insights provided in this report will arm you with the right information and questions to ask to avoid getting “sold” a solution that doesn’t work for you.

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