Just Because You’ve Been LUCKY
Enough To Avoid A Cyber-Attack
Doesn’t Mean You’re Not At Risk

Do you know what percent of data breaches are either caused or aided by human error?

  • No kidding.
  • Even more astonishing is although you may have enterprise-grade firewalls, security software, and more tools, you just can’t ignore the possibility that your network could be seriously at risk.

What can be done about this?

  • To mitigate this risk, we have invested in a FREE cybersecurity awareness training tool for your team. (a value of $300 or more)
  • This is something we are giving you, at no cost, simply to help protect your network and the valuable data stored therein.
  • The training tool is very easy to implement and employees can log in online and complete on their own. We’ll monitor their progress and keep you posted on how they’re doing. We’ll even create reports and documentation to satisfy your cyber-insurance provider!

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FREE Cyber Awareness Training
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* Terms and Conditions:
In order to qualify for this offer, you must be a small business or local government organization with at least 7 PCs.

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Cyber Awareness Training
(A value of $300 or more)

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Client Testimonial
"Our frustration with our internet connection has been eliminated!" We really appreciate your promptness of service. When we have a problem someone is always available, if not immediately, within a half hour. I also want to thank you for finally getting us on a "real" internet connection and away from our local phone company internet service which we constantly had problems with. Our frustration with our internet connection has been eliminated!

Tammy Olter
Office Manager
Donald E. McGinnis Jr., J.D., P.C.

"I don't know how we could live without them!" "Not only does CTI provide us with prompt, attentive service, fix our problems quickly and accurately the first time, they have also helped bring us into the 21st century."

Krystina Kramarz
Assistant to the Mayor
City of Dearborn Heights